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Pathology: Unveiling Medical Insights

Pathology Department plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mysteries of medical conditions. Led by a team of highly skilled pathologists, we employ cutting-edge techniques to analyze tissue samples, blood, and bodily fluids. This meticulous examination aids in accurate diagnoses, guiding physicians in formulating effective treatment plans. With a focus on precision and scientific expertise, our department utilizes advanced technologies to uncover crucial medical insights. From cancer screenings to infectious disease detection, our pathologists work tirelessly to provide timely and accurate results.

At our Pathology Department, attention to detail and patient care go hand in hand. We understand the significance of our role in healthcare, and we strive for excellence in every analysis we perform. Trust in our dedicated team for meticulous, reliable pathology services that contribute significantly to your overall healthcare journey. 

Our Specialist

Dr. Amira Salama

Specialist Pathologist

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