Ibin Sina Medical Center

Dr. Mohammad Wasim Ahmed

Specialist Pediatrics





Languages spoken

English, Arabic, Urdu


16 years

Areas of interest

Dr. Mohammad Wasim Ahmed is a Specialist in Pediatrics at Ibin Sina Medical Center. With specialized training and expertise in pediatric medicine, Dr. Ahmed is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare for children. His commitment to the well-being of young patients makes him a valuable member of the medical team at Ibin Sina Medical Center.

Area of Interest

  • Well baby clinics, routine paediatric care, and newborn care.
  • Routine vaccination of newborn and children along with catch up and traveller vaccination.
  • Skilled in dealing with Paediatric emergencies.
  • Growth monitoring and development assessment
  • Acute and chronic illness in children like asthma, diarrhoea and allergy issues.
  • Newborn and post-natal care including post-natal check-up, common issue of feeding including colic gas and reflex/vomiting.
  • MD (Paediatrics)
  • MBBS
  • DCH

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